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New quest idea! (Already posted but wrrong area)
Sorry for typos, on mobile. Quest name "Search For The Missing Mage" Desc: A mage has put multiple realms together, into one. Will you be able to defeat Weapons Boomsticks Empty potion bottles The Glove* Throwing Knives* Hunters crossbow Flintlock (6 shots) Smashables : Empty potion bottles (The glove can punch, and shoot a purple orb that damages enemies) (Throwing knives can be collected on your side holster. You can hold up to 20 at a time. Some Weapons do not have durability. HP is enabled, potions can be found around the map. 3 man quest. Checkpoints are on. Rooms 1. Prep room 4 boomsticks 4 gloves 40 throwing knives 2. The Elevator Starts as a normal elevator, has 2 crossbows on the floor. The walls fall off, and its like the carriage ride in crescendo but going upwards. Crescendo bats (4 fly in) A purple orb bat flies in. (You can hit purple orbs back with the glove) *exit through portal* 3. Swamp You start in a murky forest, and there is a giant ravine stopping you from continuing. You need to find four pieces of a bridge, there are 2 goblins, a mage*. Once you put all of the pieces together, it will hover, grow, and form a bridge to get across. Once you cross, bottle skeletons (8) will greet you with an attack. *exit through portal* *the mage will fly on a broom. Its weapon is a boomstick. They cannot fly very high. 4. Robot pirates *weapons are reset* Beginning with lost skulls pirate ship level. Cannon pirates are replaced with purple orb robots, bombers with robots eith the weak point battery pack. Melee fighters are robot mice, Bottle-throwers are red assault robots, and captain skrlrtons are replaced by purple assault robots. Level starts with all weapons from crimson cauldron on the ground. (Including crossbows) Chests containing points can be found. *exit through doors* 5. Neo-Trolls *weapons are reset* Beginning with first level in jumbotron Final wave is replaced with two green bats and two red bats. the two at the top of the level are replaced with red bats. The rest of the enemies have been replaced with a random assortment of red, green trolls. Weapons from lost skulls will spawn on the ground. Smashables from jumbotron will give you points. *exit through screaming fall* 6. Bloodthirsty skeletons *weapons are reset* Beginning with cave level of crescendo Starting weapons are 3 of each laser gun in jumbotron. Wolves are replaced with juggers. No mini boss. Bats are bottlers, and the rest are swordsmen. Pumpkins give points when smashed. Chewts give points when opened. *exit through doors* 7. A spooky castle *weapons are reset* Beginning with lava swamp level of golden trophy Starting weapons are weapons from crescendo Axe trolls are replaced with wolves Bats are replaced with an assortment of crescendo bats Trolls are replaced with pumpkin skeletons Pottery can be smashed for points. *exit through portal* 8. The lab Youu start in a room eith the same items as the start. You need to kill 4 mages to pass. These mages are in green (kinda like when a troll is red) and then there is a room with a cauldron and three pathways. The pathway to the left has 2 wolves, 10 pumpkin skeletons, 2 juggers, and a red spinning goblin. You then get a wing to throw into that cauldron (btw ceiling of cauldron room is a picture of the crimson cauldron boss) Each pathway has the same enemies, but at the end of the middle one, there is a bowling shoe (like the one from easter egg in bowling. The right path is the exact same as the left. Once you throw all of the items in, a bowling shoe eith two wings spawns, the roof opens up, and you are taken to another room at the top. An alternative for teleporters is a beam next to the cauldron that will beam them up. *exit through doors* 9. Boss level When you get to the boss, there are 5 rooms, and a statue of the boss it still, but with imprints of a whip, a sword, a barstool, and a laser gun. Each room will have all of their enemies spawn (except bosses) in waves, and you have to grab the specified item to put into the statue. Once all are found, the boss is awakened. The boss has multiple weak spots, and you must hit them eith throwing knives. The boss will fly on a broom, throwing explosive potions. You have to hit his neck, his head, and his hands with throwing knives to defeat him. Throwing knives will respawn in the first room of that level. Winning toy is a broom you can holster in between your legs and direct by holding the front of it. Winnings C rank : green mage gown, green mage hat, green gloves with purple orb in the middle, and a wand eith green dust emitting from it on your back B rank : same but blue A rank : same but white S rank : same but black I gotta go for now, this will continue to be updated! Please stay tuned. To friend me, i am @MarshmallowMan71 ALL ITEMS WILL BE IN MAKER PEN IMMEDIATELY
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