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The crusader's Quest
the idea is a medieval quest that actually has historical accuracy with it's weapons, and what goes on. what I would think the objective is... well.... to take back the holy land! how does the quest work? the players and an army of A.I. go up against an army of foes (warfare) so the players don't really feel like the most important thing in the battle. the more armored opponents can only be taken out from the openings that historic armor has, rather than just "just give em' more hp" as for weapons? well, the old sword and shield we know of would be crappy weapons, the blue sword would break, and even THEN, all the swords are just clubs with nice handles! With that said, a proper sized sword and shield that look like they can actually cut (and made of steel) would be great! now that we have the sword and shield remade to actually look like proper weapons, time for new ones! well, polearms, longswords, axes (2 handed ones as well) different kinds of shields other than a heater shield (kite shield, round shield, buckler, etc.) pretty much melee only, aside from javelins. the objective would be to lay siege upon the opponents bases (starting with some camps that just take walking up to and taking out all of them) to actual fortresses (getting a batch of trebuchets into their positions while hostile melee and archer units rain down on your spot, and must rely on your own troops (and yourself if need be) to stop them, then loading it up and launching all the trebuchets to see the wall(s) go down, and charge in the castle and conquer!) final fight would be a brawl against the royal guard, and no other units whatsoever (using the same weapons that the players have and the amount of them changes depending on the number of players so it would be a duel for each player) the rewards would be a gambeson, fitting gloves, and a hood. the other would be, well, PROPER plate armor. as for the S+ reward? I personally cant think of one. well that was the idea, any thoughts?
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