There would be a new section in the 'play' tab, that reads 'holoboard games' There's chess, checkers, cards, and more. It spawns a little projecter that projects the game when it is set down on a surface.

Once you put it onto a table in the rec center, the lounge, or any room where a rec room game is not happening, it opens your watch, telling you to select the people that play with you, similar to how gifting works. There would also be an options button that takes you to some options:

- Allow others to view my game

- Sandbox mode on (disables the gamerules, and you can just move the pieces around, if you wanted to play a card game that isn't there)

In custom rooms, the option 'can use holoboard games' appears in roles.

I don't know I just want to play chess in the food court with my friends