So, if i want any post in RR, its this one. I propose that RR should have an "endless" dungeon crawler, with randomized rooms and corridors. The main point of this is you would adventure into rooms or hallways of a CBM inspired dungeons,with weapons such as the bow, whip, crossbow, sword/shield, Etc. With these you could solve puzzle rooms, survive goblin/skeleton/etc. ambushes, evade trapped hallways or even kill mini-bosses. In these rooms, you could find chests (from CBM) with silver(or other currency). You would also get silver from killing enemies and also from mini boss battles. Then, once you die, there would be some sort of shop that you could buy things with the currency you earned. I put "endless" because it goes until your whole team dies. I'd say 3-4 people. The cool thing would be, it would be randomly generated using some sort of room and hallway modular system, so every time you play it would be different! I would not technically be a quest, but it would be pretty sweet. Sorry that this post was so long, i wanted to get everything i could in. Thank you!