I'm absolutely LOVING stunt runner right now and I cannot wait for more! I find that the 6 levels are over all too quickly.

I'm pretty sure more levels are currently in development but here are some ideas I'm hoping you might implement into future levels!

1. Hand-pedal elevator. - Racer must 'hand crank' using both hands to make elevator rise to get to next floor. The faster they crank, the faster they reach the next floor.

2. Tarzan-swing. - Where racers must hang on to a swinging rope and time a jump perfectly to land on a small floating island or trampoline. Or use the whip mechanic from ‘blood-moon’. Where users must grab a whip allowing them to traverse some obstacle.

3. Zip line – I love the huge water slide at the end of ‘finale’ perhaps a zip line next?

4. Monkey bars – basically rope ladders but placed above our heads.

5. Wall punch – Have a wall that shoots out boxing gloves that can knock opponents into the water if they’re not quick enough.

6. Travellator wall net- Like a normal wall net but you have to climb whilst its rolling down which will increase the time it takes to get to the top. (also makes it much more tiring)

Massive thank you for to everyone at AG for creating stunt runner!