Today I was playing rec room until my game crashed (no problem happens every day) until I signed in on my account and was ready to go too my dorm room but I never did. I was stuck So I closed application (PSVR) and re opened the application. But it was still the same. I tried 2 more times and then decided to just restart my ps4. But when I got back on it still didn’t work so I decided to delete rec room and re download it. I waited a few hours and came back and still the same thing. I’m out of options and I only have one account for rec room. I just hope you can recover and possibly fix this issue. Please respond ASAP!!

Contact info


Rec Room account: P3nguinz

Note:just made new account and fixed problem(sort of) what I mean by sort of is I would still like to recover my account please!!!

Note 2!: after making my 2nd account and tried signing in again it worked! I would like to keep this post if anyone has the same problem!