Steps to Recreate:

1. Create Combinator Chip and Selector Chip.

2. Wire the output of the Combinator to the second input pin.

3. Wire the Selector Reset out and drag it over the Combinators second input (you don't need to release).

4. Observe that maker pen is broken along with most input controls such as jump, move, or even using the watch (you can get to it using the quick actions though).

Note that I'm not trying to wire the reset to the input, but rather in a larger circuit I'm trying to wire a different chip and pass over the Combinator while doing so. This is when it fails. I believe this happened at least 2 updates ago, perhaps more. If you drop the maker pen, and pick it back up, it's still broken.

See this video for an example:

Windows 10, Oculus Rift using Oculus Store.