this is just to update someone else's post the rec phone should be able to call friends when they are in a different game (if your in your dorm and they are in their dorm you can call them and talk like that and be able to talk during the loading screens) be able to look at or look at your photo shares or look at your recent taken photos (maybe get rid of the camera it self and make the phone the camera) or just make the phone the entire watch (but that might be simplifying it too much)and to incorporate some one else's idea you can make it so you can use Spotify or Pandora or Yt music or anything of the sorts and allow you to listen to music ( if your over 13 you can listen to music with cussing and if you are a junior account you can listen to those songs but only if they cuss free version's) and that's all of my ideas thanks for reading them and hope one of these get incorporated. - Steve