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Many bugs I've noticed that could help improve the entire game play!
1) For people inside the houses in Rec royale, I am able to see them from a distance from the windows (which is supposed to be sealed off, it wasn't like this the previous patch) I think it is because the game didn't load the windows till I gotten closer. 2) Character stuck for walking players near bucket lake, I saw someone stucked there, and I wanted to try to see if it is really stucked , I went in and really could not come out, but after lots of spamming and physically walking around, I manage to jump out, but surely need a fix.(this is in between two of the small houses at bucket lake, near the chest spawn on the small slope) 3)After getting to max level, the sound bug on getting points at the end does not stop. (oops I saw that this is being in progressed) 4)The toilet in Glam camp , it teleport me afew times when I enters it to like 20 meters out of the toilet. 5) If I were to throw any potion away from me, it will disappear after a certain distance ( Probably about 3-4 meters away it seem) even before it lands, the sound can still be heard but just that I cant see it land. Last 2 points is not a really a bug but some inconsistency. 6) Self damage meta ? Some guns like the grenade launcher wont inflict self damaged, but the long range laser launcher will damage you if you are close enough. hand grenade doesn't damage yourself if you are close enough. Should it be standardized totally if all should damage yourself or not at all? 7) Players hiding underground, could we set a minimum level a character can go under, Some of the opponents practically lie on the floor , and we cant see their head but can hear the footsteps and they just appear out when they want. I'll update more when I find out, and thank you so much for all your hard work! I'll do my best to help out as much as I can to report what I think can help improve the game play. I may have videos of recorded gameplay from 1 - 6 point, if you need help to understand more on what I mean, I'll create the video to help you understand, Dev, let me know what points you want to see more :)
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