Navigation controls changed in the latest version of Rec Room. Unable to use both Analog and Touch pad at the same time as previously was able to. Unable to Run if you choose Analog stick and Touch Pad is unable to efficiently walk. Would like to request the controls be returned as they were previously. Believe this issue is a regression.

Previously Behavior:

Right Stick is able to change view angle. Left Stick was able to walk but not run. Touch pad left was able to run when double tapped.

Current Behavior:

If I choose to use Analog stick I have no option to run. If I choose Touch Pad I am able to run but cannot use my Analog Stick to walk. Also the Touch Pad is not very efficient at walking. If you try to walk with the touch controls its difficult to walk without making noise compared to Analog stick.

Definition of Done:

1. Really would like to use the Analog stick with the ability to run so I dont have to use the touch pad at all.

2. If previous point is not possible I would prefer to be able to walk with the left analog stick and run by double tapping the touch pad which was the previous behavior.


I am using the Samsung Odyssey headset and controllers.