Waiting for 14 players can really take some time. There are 3 things people currently do to compensate for that:

1. climb on the cabin to look at the island

2. Play with the frizbes or try to throw the frisbes and bottles over the boxcollider.

3. talk

1 and 2 have problems that you could try to eliminate while improving the waiting-experience greatly.

for 1: Make the waiting-space bigger (not the hut itself), create a garden with a nice view on the island. While the hut makes sense thematically, looking at a garden and the island while waiting is much more pleasant. Doesn't have to be a big thing, just a bigger platform with some grass, trees, flowers and benches and enough space to actually play frizbe or throw balls and bottles around for example. Nothing you wouldn't already have in the form of prefabs.

for 2: Add more stuff for people to play with that you already have in other games. Allow these objects to fly trough the invisible colliders when thrown.

Another way to ease the time waiting would be to reduce the waiting time directly. On the serverside, you could reduce the waiting time by fusing different games. Meaning that when you detect two rooms with 7 people each, transport people from on game to the other. Does not mean that people have to notice that they have been transported to another room. Ideally, for both groups, it just looks like 7 new people appeared at once.