Using the in-game team system, I'd like to see a mode that requires everyone to group up in the lobby into Squads of 2-4.

Victory would be awarded to the last surviving squad rather than the last surviving player, taking the focus away from selfish personal achievement and instead promoting teamwork and co-operation.

I think such a mode would feel more in line with the spirit of co-operation and teamwork that is so prevalent in the rest of Rec Room's activities.

Squadding up would be achieved through some kind of physical interaction. Perhaps you touch your map to the map of the person you want to squad up with.

Because it uses the in-game team system it could support mechanics such as not being able to shoot your squad mates, and maybe even a revive system.

Here's how I envision the revive system working:

When a squadmate is knocked out, they'd remain on the field just like in Laser Tag.

They could be revived by a squadmate who was still in, but not during the middle of a firefight.

This might be achieved through a "time since you last fired" counter so you couldn't revive someone until maybe 5 seconds after you last fired, or instead an enemy proximity sensor so you could only revive someone if no enemies were still alive nearby.

If two squads clashed, I'd expect one squad to be tagged out entirely, and the other squad could then revive their downed members and continue on.

If all members of a squad were tagged out there would be no chance to revive and the whole squad would be returned to the lobby.

This kind of revive system would allow squads to live together or die together.

It would foster the kind of teamwork and co-operation that seems to make Rec Room such a special place.

It would be like in those military movies where a unit would "never leave a man behind".