When you crouch or even lay down to ground level (some do it) your movement speed (or teleport distance) will be lowered significantly but you'll move silently.

This offers an additional gameplay balance - in Rec Royale the grass is actually tall enough that people can hide in it if they go low enough, and while lying in the ground they can still move and teleport at a person's full sprinting speed, which in my eyes is just a little silly. If the sneaking mechanic is added, they could crouch or lie down in grass to be unseen still, but they're not going far when they do it. Right now they still can move like raptors in a field while lying down. (Btw, dinosaurs / jurrasic park theme next quest plz)

Rec Royale camp grounds might need a new lawn maintenance guy to cut the grass too. Legend has it, it grows longer every update. :)

You potentially could have 2. One crouched / sneak speed, 1 prone / lying down speed (snail crawl).