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Remove screen-mode
Here's why I personally dislike the screeners. 1. They're creepy. To someone who's spent a significant amount of time in RR, they elicit the *uncanny valley* response. Almost "human", but so far away. They don't move in a natural way, and more than that, they're so closed off. About 10% have mics, 5% use emotes, and 1% use the chat feature. The result is an influx of players who move like corpse marionettes and who don't acknowledge you with even a glance when you try to communicate. 2. They don't play the way we do *at all*. They play like this is any other 3rd-person action/adventure/sports game. So damn much totally unnecessary jumping. They have the benefit of a huge field of view, so they're constantly strafing left and right. They don't have to look in the direction they're moving at all, so there's no way to read their body language to predict where they're going. In quests, they're friendly fire magnets with a habit of constantly charging into the thick of battle or your line of fire. 3. There's no sense of shared experience. I'm bouncing around the room, spinning, crouching, breaking things, having fun. When I'm with another VR player who's playing while sitting, it kind of irritates me: come on, this is VR, get into it, don't be freaking lazy. Screeners evoke that sentiment in me, but exponentially worse. They're engaging in this completely passive, undemanding experience, but get to be just as effective as we are. It's the difference between hiking a mountain and sending a drone. 4. A lot of them are jerks. Assassinating their quest party in the staging area and leave, abandoning their teams without any sense of loyalty, blasting music or TV in the background, all sorts of things. Yes, VR players do it too, but it seems like every bad habit we have is 10x more prevalent in screeners. I gave them a chance, I really did. I wanted this to be good for Rec Room. It's not.
Multiple Screen mode issues
Soo, I made a reddit post a bit of time ago, but there was no indication it was seen. Since I don't want to do a repost, here is a version that only has the issues : - The handle feature is currently sorta broken on pc. The scroll wheel, used to translate an object, is also used to switch with a holster item. This means that you cannot translate items if you are in a room where you have holsters. - The backpack button should probably use a key position instead of a letter for it's mapping. If my keyboard is set to French, I cannot open my backpack, as the ~ is, in the French QWERTY keyboard, CTRL + ALT + ç. Fortunately, I can switch to English mode, but I know others can't. I feel like either a key rebinding option or using the key instead of the letter would be useful for things like that. ( --- Now for a copy paste of a part of the reddit post : These two next one could range from really bad to game braking : When holding a weapon (but could be when holding anything) your model doesn't show if you are looking up or down. This could range from having to use the emote button to nod to shooting below you, even if, for everybody else, you look like you are looking forward and not downwards. Fortunately, the bullets do go to where the player is looking at in his screen, but that could possibly give an unfair advantage in some edge cases. The map in Rec Royale doesn't work anymore. You can grab it, but it will go way to close to your face for you to see it properly. Plus, since manipulate mode doesn't let you zoom out if you have a holster, you can't use the map at all. Plus, it will now drop your currently held weapon if both of your side holsters are used. This is a huge disadvantage! --- Finally, small feature request, but it would be cool to have the original loading/splash screen that would tell you about the update. --- I know this post is not really in a good format for a Canny post, but I hope that it still helped.
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