Testing out the new screen update and have noticed that playing as a screen player is extremely overpowered for the fps games. In Rec Royale I can just twitch shoot anybody with my sniper rifle while bunnyhopping around. I can line up a perfect laser cannon shot much faster than when I play in vr. Although weapons such as the laser pistol appear to have a large hipfire crosshair, the laser still shoots completely down the center of my screen. Overall, I don't really have as much fun when I'm totally overpowering all the other players. My proposal is to create slight inaccuracies to all weapons for screen players and adjusting the crosshairs to represent them. The accuracy of weapons would decrease when walking, running, and jumping. Accuracy would increase when aiming down sights and crouching. Additionally, there should be a system to hamper bunnyhopping which is an advantage that no vr player has.