I've been talking to some LTL, RRC, PBL and more players form various different sponsored leagues about having league specific shirts, We think this would be a great way to bring hype to the leagues, kind of like e-sports shirts. I've been chatting in the LTL discord with people and a lot of people agree that they would want team shirts or league specific shirts.
A couple of idea we all had:
League specific shirts, given to those who participated in the league.
Winner shirts, a simple graphic shirt with the teams logo on it, could be designed by RR themselves.
League shirts with the year date you played.
Personally as a sponsored league manager, I think this would bring in a whole different group of people wanting to play in the competitive side of Rec Room, since Rec Room's Comp side is such a small community compared to the creative side, or even contest side, I think this could be a great opportunity to show people what Rec Room Comp has to offer and how fun and rewarding it can be to even give league a try.