I've already posted this idea or thought it up several times over, but honestly, being able to recolour certain clothes would add so much more customisation and uniqueness to rec room. So if you don't like a certain colour on your current outfit, just change it to one you dig and there you have it.
I have included examples of how this could work that I've made by photo editing using different colours of hair dye that exist in the game already.
These aren't how they appear in the game, but with you backing, you can get them to appear however you'd like.
But there would be limits. Not every piece of clothing could be recoloured (to preserve the uniqueness of certain contest prizes) and perhaps recolouring could cost some tokens, but all in all, I believe the positives could outweigh the negatives when it comes to this.
My prime candidates for clothes that could use/trial this feature (if it gets drafted/added) are:
-'Void' & 'Dawn notes (recolour region would be the white & orange lights respectively)
-A rank Space Marine (white lights again)
-S rank Space Marine (yellow lights)
-Glowing Skeleton (bones)
-S rank Pirate Captain (gold highlights/trims on the outfit)
And that's all I got for this concept. Might be a while to read through, but if you made it this far in, thank you for reading and I hope you at least consider bumping this feature. It'd be nice, but this'll probably get buried like my older, less in-depth version.