Right now, the only ways to "throw" objects using circuits are via gizmos or respawners that don't reset velocity. It would be great to have a gadget that could launch objects! I imagine a few ways this could work:

-Object Impulse Volumes

Similar to impulse volumes, but they set or change the velocities of objects instead. This could be fun for a one-person tennis challenge or a Portal-themed game.

-Cannon gadget

This could have inputs similar to respawners: object IDs or tag-based launching. It could have input pins like Object ID, Launch by Tag, and Launch Velocity.

-Add a "set velocity" feature to respawners

If vector math becomes a thing, a respawner could take a vector as an input and set the velocity of what is being respawned that way. Otherwise, the launch/throw could depend on the angle of the respawner and a velocity input.