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Being able to turn on and off player collisions
So Heres a story Let's assume there are 3 main characters, Player A, B, and C, with 8 other players somewhere else in the map These 3 Main characters are playing an obby game, they all dont know each other Player C Is at the end of a thin beam right next to the checkpoint, and let's say that in this case is really hard to complete this thin beam, and decides to stand still to block players from finishing the stage. Player B and A are stuck now, and have 3 options, Jump around and possibly fail having to the redo that hard part of the obby again wait for Player C to move Or start a vote kick, which they do, but the issue is that, the 8 other players are either far back or far ahead, and they arnt being disrupted, so they all say no, to all 3 attempts This makes it so the players have to wait X amount of seconds to be able to continue playing the game again, and every second they wait makes it more likely for the player to leave the game, which is bad for creator since the creator wants to study player playtime and have more players play for longer And having 1 player disrupt the fun of others isnt And so, being able to turn on or off collision with players would be a fix to this problem This also solves problems such as Large amounts of people in a matchmaking box waiting for the game to start Players needing to get to a place but there is so many players going to the place the door is clogged and a lot of other scenarios that I'm probably missing So TL;DR : being able to turn on and off player collisions so players dont have to deal with other players being trolls
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