So, Full body costumes are amazing, but I feel like there could be more freedom with how players can dress up. My suggestion is to make a way to rescale a player to a certain size. Very similar to the self scale feature... but no Maker Pen needs to be held! I added an image to give a demonstration of how it will work, but here's a worded explanation. Basically, after creating a costume, you will have an option to configure it. When the configure menu pops up, scroll down, and you'll find a box that says "Scale Player By..." You can type decimals and integers into it. Negatives will shrink the player, and positives will enlarge the player. Zero is the original size. When you equip the costume, your avatar will be shrunken or enlarged based off of what you put in. I'd also like to say, your perspective will change with your size. Hope this makes sense! (Rec Room, please add this!)