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Rec rooms UI’s
So, from time to time rec room changes the iOS’s controls and how things work for them but I feel like they should the mobile UI back to the 2nd latest one. The reason why I feel like the should change back the UI to the other one before the current one is because it’s just harder to play in general. I’m a mobile player but it’s not only just mobile players dealing with this problem, it’s pretty much almost every console, phone, and computer. I talked to other screen players who feel like the new UI is broken and needs to be fixed. For example, I used to play dodgeball and played with pretty good players from vr to screenie players and when the new UI dropped it pretty much changed the whole entirely of catching in dodgeball for scrennies. I had people who were the best players on screen quit dodgeball entirely or switch to vr just because of how broken catching and the UI is for screen players. When ever you try to catch it, it flash green for less than a second and even when it is glowing green it most of the time still won’t catch the ball. Catching is a big part of dodgeball and now people on screen who were the best catchers can’t even catch one single ball. I’ve heard from other players that on phone it’s really hard which it is and on console it’s also hard and on pc it hard but a bit easier to handle with. Also, why would you make a UI that makes it harder for other players but easier for the ones who just play on a different device.
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