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Customizable Mobile Hud and Controls
Ive been playin the game for a while and the controls on mobile have changed alot during some updates and this affects my enjoyment of the game as the newest way that the buttons are set is just really uncomfortable and bad to play with, it would be nice to please have a way to customize the layout and change the size of buttons as well as adding some extra buttons that were in the mobile version a while ago, like the reload button for the guns. I still dont understand why the reload button was taken out, or why the layout and way it worked even changed at all, i cant remember when or what version of the game at all but I only remember one layout of the buttons I was comfortable with, I think it was the last layout of buttons that had the reload button before it was taken out. The controls on mobile dont seem to be improving with the changes and the new way that the hands have to be moved, with an extra button on the side, is just really sluggish, and the movement analog is too far to the middle making it hard to play and causing me to randomly stop in my players tracks because it decided that it didnt want to work. The backpack button is also in and uncomfortable spot being all the way at the bottom hidden in a corner, and the overall scheme of the buttons is just not an improvement. It would be nice to have the old layout back, im pretty sure that it was the last layout that had the reload button for guns, either that or just letting us please customize our buttons alread, and also adding the reload button back.
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