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Partial or Full Valve Index Controller Support (also hand presence for all controller types)
So I thought of a few ways to implement the valve index controllers that would either take full advantage of the features, or at the very least provide compatability without being completely broken. Option A: No finger tracking/Input/offset fixes, simply put, set the bindings to be identical to oculus touch, and change the offsets for the hands, they look straight up WRONG with the index controllers... Option B (most likely tbh): Partial Finger tracking, this would involve adding partial finger movement to all controller types via skeletal input, this would not involve seperating the fingers on the model however, this would simply allow for partial hand movement on all controller types, and simply have the index controllers be one of them, this would not require creating new hand models and would prevent players from making "rude gestures" while still having hand presence (allowing for index users to cup their hands, or do basic hand gestures, but nothing crazy like flipping the bird) Option C: Full 5 finger movement, this option is the least likely to happen because of the way rec room views new technology (basically saying screw anything that isn't the same old crap), but anyways this would allow the most freedom for index users, also considering the fact eye tracking was tested far before finger tracking, this SHOULD be done, considering finger tracking is now in the hands of CONSUMERS, seriously we are not developers using these controllers anymore, better yet maybe support leapmotion too... (basically, if you can do it with the index controllers in other games, you can do it here), I even thought of maybe making it so that the fingers merge into eachother if close enough to eachother to stay faithful to the original hand models, and only seperate when needed... PS: before anyone tells me "just use your old vive wands" I'll have you know they are completely broken, and that the index controllers are my ONLY controllers, not to mention oculus touch seems to be atleast partially supported, while index controllers have all sorts of input issues.
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