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2-D Art Tools
I feel as if 2-D artist are a little underrated in this game, so I compiled some tools to help our fellow sketchers. 1. Ruler Tool- It will work just like a magnetic eraser, sticking to the board after it’s released from the hand. You will work as if it was the corner of a board. You will only be allowed to draw on the outside of the ruler. For better angles players can use snap and the no rotate tool for the precise angle. 2. Recolorable Marker- So far we can only recover the paintbrush which is cool, but it’s a hassle to get precise lines when the thickness of the brush is 3 times the size of the marker. It’s will basically be a marker you can Recolor with the Maker Pen. 3. Get Rid of the Borders - Very soon the first 2-D art show is coming to RecRoom. This is going to display some new artworks for viewing to the public. After people are going to want to hang up their artwork in their rooms, but the borders of the whiteboard is still there with the wheels. It ruins the view the art. Maybe they can be invisible or just taken away entirely. 4.User Only - This falls under roles. When drawing in public rooms there is no way of stopping someone from going up to it and erasing or messing with your work. Usually creators of art rooms want to draw with their visitors, but this keeps them from doing that. I have seen creators building barriers, walls, etc to stop this from happening. Just make it so that a person can claim a board and just draw without outside interference. 5.Whiteboard Inventions - When done with an artwork I usually want to put it in the store but I currently can’t. The reason is that people can still draw on it even tho I made it use only. This is a problem because people can just erase your name and claim it as their own. That’s all I got for now.
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