#RRO Idea; Rec Room Skatepark
Rec room has an 80s theme, whats more 80s than skateboarding, its a fun activity and is not competetive
it could bring people together and it would be great to have an official hangout spot. This doesn't need to
be a completely new room and could just be a little park outside the rec centre.
Despite being a recreational game most #RRO activities take place inside, it would be great to have an outdoor park.
-A new official hangout room with ramps and places to chill
-Working skateboards
-Customisable skateboards using the existing art supplies suchas pens and paintbrushes
-Fisheye lens to the share cam, allowing you to catch some sweet montages
-Spraycans, allowing users to create some awesome grafitti
This is a very different activity compared to other #RRO activities but would be welcomed by the community for the
change of pace and less focus on the makerpen.