I personally think this will be a great addition to rec room because ya know, Lots of rooms have water in them.
How will you make swimmable objects?: You’ll have an option in the maker pen to make a object a “liquid” which will make the item transparent and will unlock the ability to swim in it!
How will you move in it?:
Walking Mode: I’m a psvr player, so I’m not sure what button is used to jump on pc, but on psvr, you have to hold the walking button and the jump button and you’ll have to do strokes to traverse the water, and then you let go of the buttons, you hold them again and do the same thing as before. It can also be changed in comfort options to make it the standard moving controls. For PC and quest, you’ll have to do the same as psvr except you’ll have to hold both jumping.
Teleport Mode: they’ll have to hold the teleport button and they’ll choose how far they’ll want to go with the analog sticks, so basically the same as normal teleporting but with a few extra steps. For psvr, they’ll just have to tap the teleport button, choose how far they want to go with the triangle going forward and circle going backwards.
This will be a extremely fun addition to rec room and will probably start group like how climbing did! If a rec room dev sees this, I hope they at least consider adding this, perhaps in a summer update