RRO rooms like Paintball and Lasertag have a system that allows players to vote for the next map after a game has been completed. Once the timer runs out, all individuals are transported to a new instance of the map that was voted for. Leaderboard stats are shared among these maps and players are transported together as a group.
A map rotation system like this would be a powerful tool for custom room makers to improve engagement in their PVP rooms. Playing the same map over and over can get tiresome. The current tools do not allow us to cheaply or easily replicate the functionality that the RROs have. The best solution available with the current tools risks splitting up players, or dropping players into a game that is already running.
  • be able to vote on the next map on the scoreboard just like in the Paintball and Lasertag RROs
  • be able to specify which subrooms should be part of the rotation
  • keep players together so that they don't get split up upon a map change
  • try not drop players into a game that is already going