The current texture rendering method in community rooms involves a lot of texture stretching to the point it ruins the look of a lot of community rooms (Examples shown down below)
I think a new method for rendering textures from an engine-level can fix a lot of the stretched & the non-connected textures. making community rooms look a lot better and comparable to RRO rooms while also keeping the performance optimization of the current system
This fix:
1) Will not increase the number of sides per shape/object.
2) Will not Change anything related to your room.
3) Will not require you to update anything.
It will just automatically enhance textures of the objects & make textures hopefully more connected
[If it hits performance too much, then it should be optional on let's say PCs & PCVR with the 'Fantastic' Graphics option or maybe introduce a new Graphics Quality option that's better than the current available options & give it it's own name]