is short my idea is for a handheld item which can be used to trigger gizmos and gadgets. the reason i want an item like this in the game is simply for its uses in rooms similar to that of the magicae academy where it has special abilities for you to use. as having a handheld item to trigger them instead of trigger zones both makes it less likely to trigger things by accident and also using the different connection tabs makes it easier to activate certain features like something that you need to hold a button down like a magic barrier or something that requires a quick button press like a fire blast.

it can also be useful for people wanting to make short films who need to have some sort of trigger for special effects or if you're making a heist game and you need a trigger device for a bomb. [same can be said for some pvp games]

anyway i feel i typed a bit to much for a simple idea but i feel it could be really useful and have a lot of possibilities.


ADMIN NOTE: We are treating this request as a general request to allow players' controller inputs to generate signals for circuits and gadgets.