It would be amazing to see a "proper" Fog emission device inside of recroom where lighting such as light bulbs and the sun insode of recroom interacts with it. it create a dry ice effect in the world where you can change the density of it (this would effect visibility) but also be intractable with lights such as a low density fog lights can go through it but you see the haze and with very dense fog it shines in front of you as if it were a wall. If this were added to the Emitter Gadget it would also be placeable in certain areas instead of just the entire map or not. I have seen other Canny posts asking for this and they're marked as complete because of the distance fog emitter BUT that is not what this is asking, what this is asking is fore a volumetric fog system where no matter where you are it is there, when walking into it, it will not dissapear but instead it will create a haze on your screen to replicate fog and if lights shine on it as said above, it can either help you see or even hinder your eye sight.