It would be great to have the changes mentioned in the update history changelog in the Appstore so that everyone gets informed about the latest changes to Rec Room & share the enthusiasm or talk about it in the game, & engage in the subreddit.
Important Reasons:
  1. I'm more than sure that there are a lot of players who simply don't really know or feel the changes in each update which in turn reduces their enthusiasm for the the future development of the game.
  2. If let's say there are potential investors that want to invest in the company, they will most probably search for Rec Room on their Phone (Because it's easier) & having the update descriptions right there in the Appstore it would show how much the company puts attention to & cares about the development of the game. (Pushing rich feature updates twice a month cross-platform is something that a lot of other studios out there aren't capable of, so it'd be a huge plus for raising awareness about the phenomenal development)