Here is a list of different consumables that players might enjoy. If you have any of your own feel free to share.

Valentines Day or all year round

Bouquet of Flowers - An item that can be given to friends or to that “special someone” let them enjoy these nonscented beauties of nature. Flowers can range from roses, tulips, sunflower, or mixed. Players will get a bouquet once activated they can proceed to keep them all together or used one by one. Petals can be plucked to get rid of item. 12 flowers for each purchase.

Chocolate bars - A super sweet treat for you to eat. Made from the tiny goblins that live deep within the forest of Rec Royale. 6 Bars will come in the box. Could also do a little Easter egg with a golden ticket which the player can receive a special reward. You all know what I’m referring to.

Birthdays or special occasions

Birthday Cake - Your turning another year older or you completed your first quest! Celebrate with these delicious slices of heaven. Flavors range from plain, chocolate, or red velvet. Before the cake is taken out your watch will buzz with a message you would like to share. Text on cake will only appear in private rooms. If a cake is put out into a public room typing will not be an option.

Piñata- Wack! Slam! Pow! Yum! Enjoy these fun festive objects by beating them with sticks of power! Piñatas varieties can be goblins, jumbobots, skeletons, and bats. When activated piñata will spawn 3 feet from the ground and 4 sticks. Candy emitters will fly out so no reward comes out of it.

Movie Time!

Popcorn- “Can you put some butter on that?” This consumable will spawn three tiny buckets full of popcorn. Players will pick up with one hand and eat with the other. Popcorn can also be thrown like confetti, but this will use up the item.

Big Glug - “Shhhh the show is starting.” This consumable makes that tiny slurping sound we all know and love. Will spawn 3 drinks with swirly straws on each. Players drink through the straw.


Power Ramen- Fear not for ramen is here! Six bowls of ramen will spawn with chopsticks. When chopsticks are dropped they will spawn back in bowl. When ramen is eaten after 3 bites a tiny ham can be eaten. Slurping sounds could be added for fun.

Some extra consumable without descriptions


-Coach Cookies

-Green and Yellow apples

-Permanent Hairdye