In the latest AMA, it was announced that Laser Tag would be getting no new content (neither in prize booth rewards or maps/weapons).
Although with the announcement of an official Laser Tag tournament on the Rec Room discord and website, I'm really beginning to question why this is the case. If anything, it'd be better to double down on LT after putting it in the limelight, not to announce there's nothing else coming to the mode before an official tournament!
Dare I even mention the bias between Paintball and Laser Tag? Yes, I do. Paintball has 6 maps as of this year, with Drive-In back in march, compared to Laser Tag's 2 maps. LT has 1/3 the amount of content paintball has.
All in all, it would appear that laser tag is as good as abandoned now and it's a damn shame given how many people prefer it to Paintball. I hope this post can at least cause the devs to rethink their choice.