Rec Room is a great platform that has many different outlets of where you can get connected and to find out more information. However I believe Rec Room falls shorts in how others can get connected to the community. With all the different media that Rec Room has spread out to it can be hard for players to know where to go. You guys have a Canny, HappyFox, Discord, Reddit, Rec.Net, and For a lot of people who play games and are use to this it's easier for them to get connected because they know how it works (or at least a place to start). However Rec Room reaches out to a lot of different people who aren't necessarily "gamers". Which I think is an amazing thing. Over half of my friends that I talk to constantly on Rec Room were never huge gamers, including me, and the other half where gamers and I found out after almost a half of year playing that you guys held contest and all this other stuff.
So what I propose is this, set up a board (not a poster) that clearly states all these different sites and the intended purpose of them. I would also recommend putting the CoC on the board as well and saving a spot to post if there is any contest going on. Also would highly advocate to put this board up in all #RRO lobbies. Not everyone hangs in the Rec Center and putting it up in different places where others are I would believe be truly helpful in getting this community truly connected. No more hearing about these sites through others when it's posted right there for everyone. Of course I don't mind having to tell others about these sites, but they're so many others out there that I will never get the pleasure to meet and to tell them about it. Please make it easier for this community to be in the know and where to go, if they ever so wish to know.