It's been a lot of fun to watch hackers climb walls in the Rec Center. If the mechanics of climbing could be worked out, it would be great to be able to climb specific vertical surfaces with your hands.

1. Your whole squad could climb a couple trees in Rec Royale and camp, ambush, snipe, jump out of the trees together, etc.

2. Climb all over the cliffs during the wait for the game to start in Rec Royale.

3. Scale tower supports and ambush from unexpected directions.

4. Hang under bridges and ambush people, let go to drop and shoot at the same time.

5. Cliff faces might be an opportunity for "higher ground," let go with one hand to drop/evade being shot at.

6. Jump off a cliff (in walking mode) and grab on to a tree on the way down?


Maybe the rule could be one hand must grip the whole time or you fall? You could climb walls and then hang from the ceilings. We'd all become monkeys!