A noteworthy achievement for having reached level 50 might be...the level 50 player receives an expansion of cheer capacities!?
I sincerely enjoy giving praise and approval to other Rec Room players. It’s a mutually rewarding experience to generate positive emotions.
It’s nice to build each other up with praise. Thank you to the designers of this existing cheer method 🙏
Please consider this expansion of the same system:
Players would be able to praise people for additional social virtues, such as:
Generosity & Benevolence
Personal Industry
Self Esteem
Prudence (cautiousness)
The expanded list of social virtue cheers could be found in their watch menu.
The expansion would enable more praise and “acts of approval” towards others who demonstrate socially positive virtues.
**This list of social virtues above is available in David Hume’s “On the Principles of Human Morals.”
Thank you for reading and considering