It would be nice to add a log system for moderation in customs rooms. Something like a page in the room menu in the watch, which displays all the moderation actions done in a room (kick/ban/unban) and when is what it was taken.
One thing that would also be useful is to add a pop up that asks for a kick reason. ( With proposals of reason already written and an option "other" where one could write our own reasons. It would therefore be good to display the reason for ban / kick in the log menu and also to allow the player to know the reason for his ban / kick by making a menu appear explaining the reason for the ban / kick. (Ah yes and to protect all this, it would be good to add a button "report" when the reason is personalized, with the "other" button)
It would also be convenient to add a temporary ban system (but I think there have already been canny posts on this)
I really think that all this is really important for large room hangouts. Part example for me room "RecCenterFrench" we had to create a large "google sheet" to write all the ban and kick of the room to know why is the person banned when requesting deban. This would be really convenient because currently it is rather annoying to remove your headset to note the reason on the google sheet.
I hope my idea will be taken into consideration, moderation is something really important in RecRoom.