A Concept by Oval
Monthy Challenges are big challenges that change every month, and usually have a massive goal. A Good Example for one could be "Slay the Goblin King 25000 Times!"
You would say "Woah! thats way too much!" for one person. Monthly challenge have EVERYONE partaking, every Goblin King Slain will add 1 to the Tally, and once everyone has came together and completed the challenge, participants will recieve the reward!
The Reward is tokens, this is how F2P Players would earn most their tokens, The Token rewards are much larger than normal, possibly around 5k for completing the Monthly Challenge.
To Make sure only people who Deserve the Reward get it, there is also a participant amount, for say, "To Qualify to earn the reward, you must have slain the Goblin King 8 Times" if you havent reached the Participation amount, you arent eligible to earn the reward.
overall, i think this is a super fun idea and will give the community something to grind for!
btw, the monthly challenges could vary a LOT
Kill 20k Goblin Kings
Kill 10k Crimson Witches
Finish 30k Laps in RecRally
Capture 50k Flags
you get it?