New tab in the Challenges section: Hero Challenges

Basically, theses are similar to orientation challenges in layout, but are difficult and pay a lot more tokens.

Ideas for challenges:


Get 20 tags in one laser tag match

Win 2 rec Royale games in a row

Solo any quest

Create a featured room

Get 20 sniper kills in a single match of Paintball

Tag two people with one grenade in laser tag

Get all 3 flags in one paintball CTF game


And other challenges similar to the above

You could also have challenges to complete the above challenges, for example:

Complete 10 Hero challenges

Each challenge would vary in reward, but I think most would be 50-100 tokens, because they are difficult or take time to complete.

I feel this would really give us more experienced players reason to play certain RROs, and to try new things! If this were to be implemented, I would love if every week there were 10 new challenges for a few weeks or something, so we’d have plenty of challenges to do! Tell me what you think!