As of currently, this sign is only in 5 out of the 6 paintball maps. I don’t see why it’s so hard to open up unity, go through the assets list, and place down the sign in other rooms.
For a game that is on a lot of platforms, most of which aren’t vr, the idea of teleporting is completely alien to some players, especially screen mode players that are used to playing games like CoD or Fortnite that don’t have any forms of teleportation in them. So (somewhat reasonably) most screen mode players that have never played a vr game before would call out teleporting as hacking or otherwise unfair. I’m not calling anyone out but this is partially the devs fault for not publicizing teleport outside of this sign in only 5 of the paintball maps, a small statement in the tutorial for
vr players only
, and 1 poster in a vr exclusive room that no one plays (paddleball).
So placing this sign around in other RRO maps would be a good start to the teleport hate that has been around for years now and has only gotten worse with the more platforms that the game has been ported to.