What would be changed in this update.

- Added Spray Cans.

- You may now send pictures to friends with in game messaging.

- [Private] Rec Centers

- When something you can draw on is scaled up, your drawings will not be blocky.


- You may now use any 2D object tool (Marker, Paintbrush, and Spray Paint) Like a maker pen. There will be colors to select from when you look at the side of them, along with an eraser color.

- The camera has a new button. When a picture is taken, you may send a picture to an existing chat using the "Send To..." Button.

- New "Cut" tool for the maker pen. You can draw a selected region to delete anything existing in that radius. If a shape is half in and half out, the shape will be cut in half. (You have a circle, select half of the circle using cut, you now have a semicircle.)