Since my first post about this was closed off due to having too many ideas in one post, im going to do it again, we go again
  • A space station theme, this would not only fit into the theme of laser tag but would allow for some really neato concepts such as multiple layers to the map, jump pads, tunnels and teleporters for more movement options rather than the same 3 paths that you can take
  • A charge rifle power weapon, basically a laser pointer sniper rifle that starts with minimal damage but fires a high damaging shot after around a second of charging
  • A new defensive item that is shaped similarly to a paint mine but when thrown down deploys a shield that is tall enough to shield a player and wide enough to move around comfortably but cannot be shot through, can only survive a few shots before breaking
well the first part, just the map and a couple of the features that the map would have in it.