Rec Room's parkour mechanics are somewhat neglected when it comes to Rec Room originals, as they only really have use in Stunt Runner.
Tag would be a nice way to spice things up, it's relatively simple, and has multiple ways to play; from infection, to freeze tag, to elimination, etc. Although it is a literal child's game, you have to admit it would be hilariously fun in VR, especially with the ability to do Parkour.
For the actual 'tagging' part, it's as simple as making a weapon that is handheld; like a socker bopper or boxing glove. Hitting an enemy either makes a simple "bap" sound like the dodgeball or a squeaky noise like the fish.
Longer melee items can be placed around the map like the plush fish, the prop sword, all of which disappear after a tag or two.
KO Cola would provide speed boosts, adding more utility to the item other than just racing.
Basically every parkour item in Stunt Runner can be used to make the maps as well.