I have seen some rec room users from Japan play this game and they know how to do everything in the game perfectly, which is good. Honestly, I think that the biggest rec room update would be to add multilingual support for the game. This way, people can understand more stuff. When you press the play button on your profile or click on the let's start button when creating a new rec room account, if you haven't done so, you would be prompted to select your language. Languages would be shown by flags and text. So, for US English, it would represent the US Flag. For UK English, it would represent the UK Flag. For Japanese, it would represent a Japanese Flag, etc. You would still be able to change your language later through your watch menu through Settings > Experience. There should also be a system where if, for example, a player's bio was in Japanese, or showed some Japanese, you would have to option to translate it, etc. There should also be a system where you can also show stuff in your bio showing what Languages you speak and understand, and usually mainly speak and understand. There should also be something that let's you put in text when configuring it in different languages, and if you were to put something in the Room Chat in a different language, you would also have the opportunity to do that and would also be able to translate it. You can also put in text in other languages when creating inventions or when making the description of an invention. And If you were to search the invention up, in, let's say English, while the invention's name is actually in Japanese, the invention would be automatically translated and then be picked up by the search system after putting in the translated version of the name. There should also be a system where text in other languages in rooms and stuff would automatically be translated for the player into their language. There should also be a system where if a room's description was in another language, in this case/example, Japanese, if the room's description had ペイントボール which means paintball, the room's description would be automatically translated and it would also show an icon that would show actually what language the room's description is actually in. Oh, and for example, If you were Japanese, and you were doing or in ^Orientation, Coach's voice would be in Japanese, and if a sound effect that involves Coach's voice or something like that, would also be in Japanese. And when selecting your language, there should also be a button that would automatically select the language depending on your platform's language. So for example, the language on your quest 2 was in Japanese, the language would automatically be set to Japanese,
You would still be able to change it later on. This would overall be a HUGE UPDATE to the game and would also help people from other countries out with the game since rec room has no support for multiple languages.