Debugging complex circuits can be difficult work, especially when roles, teams, or stats are involved. The current approach is to have a friend stand around and be your guinea pig or to log in to a second account. I propose a spawnable dummy in the maker pen that has all the properties of an actual player:

-Have a unique player ID.

-Can be placed on a team.

-Can trigger player volumes and their ID is sent through circuits.

-Can be sent to a respawn point.

-Shooting them triggers the player hit circuit.

-Spawning or deleting causes the player joined/left room circuits to trigger.

Additional considerations:

-Specific to the player that spawned them, and would be despawned if that player leaves.

-Does not count against ink total. These are not a permanent part of the room so you could test in rooms even if they are very close to the limit.

-Moveable\Cloneable with the maker pen, but scale, manipulate do not effect.