I happen to use the pattern in the image below again and again, but it feels utterly complicated for such a simple task. It takes a value and replaces it with another one using a lookup table.
I see two options to implement the chip:
1) 1 input, 1 output, reset pins. The menu looks similar to the selector chip, but allows inputting a second number that is the value the chip outputs instead of the input value.
2) 7 inputs, 1 output, reset pins. The menu is the same as the selector chip's, but only has 6 entries. The red input still determines which row in the menu is selected. But it selects from the other (green to black) input pins and outputs that value to the one output pin.
This is pretty much a reverse selector chip (apparently this is called multiplexer). In this variant the reset pins could be replaced by an additional input.